Healing Holidays

Healing Holidays

Take your feet out of winter boot prison

and into flip flop season

Lets face it

Winter is almost over and it’s time for you to wake up from hibernation mode. You’ve been stuck under layers and layers of clothes and frankly, the weight on your shoulders is starting to feel permanent.

Your daily routine feels like a drag – you are tired by noon and are no longer interested in things that seemed exciting at one point.

You’ve been avoiding all major decision-making because, well, the second-guessing gives you headaches.

You crave that feeling of freedom and joy.

You’ve been busy doing so much for everyone else that you have forgotten how to take care of what matters most – YOU! Your daily self care routine is … Wait, what self-care?

Retreat Detail 1

Take a moment right now, breathe and ask yourself this

How am I feeling?

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  • Accommodations are provided by Balenbouche Estate Guest House
  • 7 nights (single/shared rooms)
  • Locally sourced, organic meals
  • 1-on-1 body awareness massage treatments to relieve tension and stress from the body
  • Yoga and Meditation daily (optional)
  • A Guided Nature Meditation Tour
  • One Group workshop: How your body holds your stress and what to do about it
  • A “Self Care Practice” to take home
  • Follow up support after the retreat
  • A chance to make some new friends and discover a new culture
  • Get to know St. Lucia from the locals perspective

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taking time for yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary

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